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Latosa Escrima

& EBMAS Wing Chun


We offer group and private lessons in Latosa Escrima and EBMAS Wing Chun.

Our focus is on effective self defense methods and training that involves improving attributes such as balance, power, speed, coordination, cardio and mental attitude.



Take the opportunity to experience something different and meaningful to you and those around you. While martial arts are comprised of concepts, method and techniques of self defense, they are at the same time, a way of finding a state of relaxed awareness.

With continous, regular practice you can carry this awareness into your daily life and relationships. At the same time, it enables you to increase your energy levels, stay focused and have presence and self-control in face of resistance.











We put a lot of emphasis on the fundamentals of each art and apply rational, logical concepts to movements and applications. You will be able to learn and apply these concepts to your own training. The secrets, if there are any, are in the basics of the arts.

Wing Chun

In a real self-defense-situation, rules of fairness don't exist!

A realistic martial art should take this into account.

That's why we incorporate all five ranges of combat in our training, including different distances and situations.


Wing Chun, also romanized as Wing Tzun, Wing Tsun or

Ving Tsun, is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self defense developed more than 250 years ago by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui.


Today, this effective martial art is practised by people of all ages around the world.





Improve Your Skills.

Practice Courtesy and Righteousness.





"Use your martial skill for the good of humanity."


- Grand Master Ip Man -


"The ultimate goal of the martial arts is to make your mental, physical and technical skills work as one. The goal of Latosa Escrima is to do this while producing a quality Escrimador who can think creatively and react responsively rather than giving people information overload."


- Grand Master Rene Latosa -


Escrima is a martial art from Philippines. It emphasizes weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives, empty hand and various improvised weapons.


Latosa Escrima system is an education in body motion and weapon efficiency, not just physical movements attached to techniques.


The philosophy behind Latosa Escrima is very simple, but the art takes years to master.


An Escrima technique only works effectively when the basic principals of the system are applied:


- Balance

- Power

- Speed

- Focus

- Timing

- Attitude


When these elements are combined, the outcome is far more effective than the sum of its parts.


About the Instructor

All our classes and private lessons are taught by Mr. Behzad Karim, an instructor in Latosa Escrima and EBMAS Wing Tzun.


The Latosa Escrima system is based on

the teachings and concepts of Grand Master Rene Latosa.


And the Wing Chun program is based on EBMAS Wing Tzun kung fu,

as taught by Dai Sifu Emin Boztepe.


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